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WebPerformance Report is a free Web application to monitor the Web Performance of web pages in an automated way through the delivery of a weekly report (Core Web Vitals metrics included) to its Subscribers.

The web performance report delivered is generated using one of the best web optimization tools on the market such as Powered by WebPageTest

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Web Performance Report

Web Performance Report Details.

Url page. Test location. Test Id. Filmstrip View. Watch Video. Request Map.

Web page test details
Web Performance Optimization Scores

Web Optimization Scores.

Grades for the most critical performance optimizations.

Core Web Vitals.

UX Metrics for loading, visual stability, and interactivity. Lab data. Field data (CrUX - Chrome UX Report)

Core Web Vitals
Web Performance Results

Web Performance Results.

High-level metrics information about the page that was tested.

Content Breakdown.

Website content breakdown by MIME type.

Content Breakdown


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WebPerformance Report
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