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WebPerformance Report is a free Web application to monitor the Web Performance of web pages in an automated way through the delivery of a weekly report (Core Web Vitals metrics included) to its Subscribers.

The web performance report is generated using Catchpoint WebPageTest, the gold standard for web performance testing and optimization. Catchpoint WebPageTest

Catchpoint ensures Internet Resilience for delivering superior customer and employee digital experiences. Catchpoint’s Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) provides deep visibility into every aspect of the Internet, like BGP, DNS, SASE, CDN, and WAN, allowing you to identify and resolve issues before they impact your business.

Trusted by Forbes' top digital companies, global retailers, and leading CDNs, Catchpoint is the industry-leading choice for Internet Stack monitoring.


We are really proud that our users also come from big companies and big brands around the world and are using Web Performance Report to monitor the web performance of their websites every week from their inboxes. 🎉

Web Performance Report

Web Performance Report Details.

Url page. Test location. Test Id. Filmstrip View. Watch Video. Request Map.

Web page test details
Web Performance Optimization Scores

Web Optimization Scores.

Grades for the most critical performance optimizations.

Core Web Vitals.

UX Metrics for loading, visual stability, and interactivity. Lab data. Field data (CrUX - Chrome UX Report)

Core Web Vitals
Web Performance Results

Lighthouse Scores.

Diagnose performance issues - 3G Fast connection.

Performance Results.

High-level metrics information about the page that was tested.

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WebPerformance Report
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